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  • Haarlem Oil helps you to protect your horse health

    Genuine Haarlem Oil for special horses is a famous product used throughout the world by trainers, vets, stud farms managers, and all those who care about health and performance of their horses.


    Haarlem Oil helps you to protect your horse healthGenuine Haarlem oil for horses is a combination of three natural ingredients: sulfur, linseed oil and essential oils of turpentine – but the secret lies in the “cooking” of these ingredients, and it cannot be duplicated because they are not mixed or blended in any conventional fashion. Due to this process of manufacture, Genuine Haarlem oil is unique in its ability to diffuse rapidly through the animal, while still being effectively eliminated when its job is done.

    The horse body like the human being’s has its own self defense against diseases and Genuine Haarlem Oil stimulate hormonal secretions, antehypophysis glands, and adrenal cortex which increase that precious self defense.

    Genuine Haarlem oil for your horse: a polyvalent treatment

    Haarlem oil for your horse: a multi-treatmentGenuine Haarlem oil gives the horse industry a versatile, polyvalent treatment for the cure and prevention of illness. Using Haarlem oil, you’ll see amazing results:

    • Stimulate hepatic and biliary functions and act against stones.
    • Improve the urinary system and toxin elimination; Haarlem oil is a marvelous drainer.
    • Guarantee against intestinal, biliary, urinary and respiratory infections.
    • Guard against the proliferation of intestinal parasites and eliminate them. Intestinal parasites are a major cause of colic.
    • Fight arthritic manifestations and contribute to their final cure.
    • Assist rapid recovery by the animal after strenuous effort. Haarlem oil has a general de-tiring effect on horses in competition.
    • Stimulate, naturally and without side effect, the horse’s own hormone secretions in the Antehypophyse and Corticosurrenal glands.

    Examples of recommended dosages:

    Examples of recommended dosagesBronchitis and pulmonary disorders: 10ml per day orally or mix in the feed for 14 consecutive days. Repeat treatment if necessary, then 10ml per week.

    Arthritis and rheumatisms: 10ml per day orally or mix in the feed for 20 consecutive days, then 10ml per week. Repeat treatment every 3 months if necessary. Our experience shows that in those particular disorders, results can vary a great deal depending on the age of the horse and the degree of inflammation.

    Toxin elimination: 10ml per day orally or mix in the food for 10 consecutive days, preferably after training or racing, then 10ml per week. If problems still apparent, 10ml 2 or 3 times a week for 3 months the 10ml per week.

    Muscular troubles: 10ml per day orally or mix in the feed for 10 consecutive days, the 10ml per week. Repeat treatment after 4 weeks if problem persist.

    NB : Instructions for use and recommended dosages for all therapeutic properties will be send to you with your order.


    ENUINE HAARLEM OIL FOR HORSES IN CURATIVE TREATMENTTo treat for example intestinal, arthritic or bronchial troubles or infections, give to your horse 10 ml doses of Genuine Haarlem Oil over eight consecutive days, then 10ml every second day for the following two weeks, after ten days pause, repeat if necessary. Although, Genuine Haarlem Oil has a particular characteristic smell, experiments and our experience using Genuine Haarlem Oil has proven that horses love the flavor of this product and will even search it out in their food. The dosage may be administered in the food or orally.

    Our Genuine Haarlem Oil for horses may even be used externally. Rubbed on a wound in the same way as an antiseptic, it will accelerate the healing process. Soreness in the legs can be cured with in similar way applying Genuine Haarlem Oil to the affected area.

    Experimentation of Haarlem Oil on horses appetite at Vauptain Stud farm

    The experiment was done in February and April 1981 on a number of saddle horses racehorses at Vauptain in Buc (Yvelines)

    1. Of a total of 17-one and two years old-foals treated with Genuine Haarlem Oil for the first time, from the first day 15 of them did not have any difficulty to take 10 cc of Genuine Haarlem Oil in the intake with a mixing of about 6 liters of oats + flat barley. Two of them had started to lick their trough after 48h. The following treatment did not cause any appetite problem.
    2. Of a total of 64 adults of all ages; around fifty of them-who were for the first time treated with Haarlem Oil, – 5 of them took five days to get used to it. The following treatment, only one horse had an appetite problem for a day.

    A 200 ml bottle (20 doses of 10 ml).

    This presentation is sold today from 21,90 € for an order of 24 bottles (package of 2 and 8 bottles also available); so for a 10ml dose you pay less than 1,10 € ! Haarlem oil is probably cheaper than the feed additives you are using now and is the only one you need.


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