1 coated capsules of 200 MGRS the true Haarlem Oil made in Laboratory in Europe.

Composition : Sulfur (16%), Turpentine Pinus spp (80%), Linum usitatissimum oil (4%).

Directions for use : 1 to 2 capsules daily with one full glass of water 15 minutes before meals.

To remedy this problem we provide now our new “Coated” capsules of 200 mg based NATURAL STARCH. These “Coated” capsules do not open in the stomach but in the intestine, which prevents small burps. 30 coated capsules of 200 mg Haarlem Oil per box.

Now available in capsule 200 MGRS (envelope gelatin glycerin gastro-resistant) Energy value 0072 cal (0300 j) value for 100 cal 36 (j 150.4) made in Laboratory in Europe.

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Weight 21 g


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