10mL for Human | Genuine Haarlem Oil

Light Prescription
Begin the treatment by taking morning and evening, for a week, 1 capsule or 5 drops, then continue for the following 14 days by absorbing 1 capsule or 5 drops morning, noon and evening. After stopping for one week, repeat the same treatment for 3 consecutive weeks. Following a new stop of 10 days, this time, undertake treatment of 2 consecutive months at the rate of one capsule or 5 drops morning, noon and evening 1 day out of 2.

Prescription Average
10 drops or 2 capsules three times a day for 3 periods of 15 days, separated by a week of rest. Thereafter and for 2 consecutive months twice a day and every other day, 5 drops or 1 capsule.

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Additional information

Weight 41 g