10mL for Pets | Genuine Haarlem Oil

SULFUR in domestic animals is even more important than for humans! It is essential, not to say imperative for your animals, never to be deficient in one of the 7 fundamental elements of your organism such as Sulfur. Without wanting to darken the picture, our dogs and cats are even more deficient than we are.

Why their environment? Because they are even more impacted than you on the respiratory point, especially in town, because at the same level as the exhaust gases for example. They wade through the rainwater which drains all the pollutants on the ground. In the countryside, normally less impacted, it will be the proximity of fields and pesticides still in force which will gradually poison them.

Directions for use for small animals:
14 mg per kg
1 drop equal to 40 mg which, good for 2.80 kg

Additional information

Weight 41 g


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