Haarlem Oil

Haarlem Oil

In 1924,  Haarlem Oil is already use in France. It has a monograph from Vidal which was viewed by the Alexandre Commission, Star Monograph 1981.

The matter of sulfured terpenes, in which the properties are that of the components, oxides of organic sulfur, terpene essence from turpentine. A strong antiseptic action linked to the properties of turpentine essence.

There were modified actions clarified from the numerous secretions especially bronchial linked with sulfur.

The diffusion of genuine Haarlem Oil is large in the organism, it as experimentally shown by pharmacological studies. Its benefits are aimed at the digestive absorption, biliary elimination, tissue distribution, constant plasma and excretion of S35 in rats. After a unique oral dose of Haarlem Oil with therapeutic dose of 10mg/kg.

The study of Professor Jacquot (1984) shows an important tissue distribution and precociously, 15 minutes and an hour, at the level of the bronchial-pulmonary tissues. The anti-inflammatory action is experimental as reported in a study by Professor Jacquot (1986), which notes a significant elevated action of Superoxide dismutase (SOD), probably by elevation of the thiols in the plasma. The absence of toxicity in Haarlem Oil relieves the three orders of established facts.

The diffusion of sulfur and pine terpene is great in the organism, it show experimentally by pharmacological studies. Its benefits are aimed at digestive absorption, biliary elimination, tissue distribution, constant plasma and excretion of S35 in rats. After a single oral dose of Haarlem oil with the therapeutic dose of 10 mg / kg

There are no case of intoxication of Haarlem Oil been report since it has been on the market.

The risk of accidental intoxication was non-existent and mainly in children.

Haarlem Oil is available in 2 forms:

In a 10ml bottle
In capsules, a box of 30 capsules, 6.4g

Some children chew a tablet and spit it out immediately due to the strong taste of the product. Therefore, the specialty was highly sweetened.

Methodology of Clinical Studies


Genuine Haarlem Oil is prescribe at a dose of 10mg per kilo for an initial cure of 10 days. Eventually, to repeat for 8 to 10 days per month, if necessary.

Mode of Administration:

Under the form of drops mixed with sweet food.

Choice of Patients:

25 children underwent a treatment of Haarlem Oil, after information was provided and consent of their parents.

Age of the Children:

The age of the children was between 5 months and 8 years old.

All the patients had clinical symptoms of various etiological Chronic Bronchitis reported in the individual files and synthesized in the attached table.

Haarlem Oil was prescribed, excluding any other mucus-modifying treatments.


It is noted that in only 2 patients were the assessments permitted relief from a very positive allergic ground.


The results, as reported by clinical studies of 25 children, confirms the interest of the use of Haarlem Oil in the treating of Chronic Bronchial-Pulmonary infections.

Recent publications clearly showed us that the effectiveness of what was called “mucus-ciliary escalator” depends not only on the integrity of the epithelia cells, the co-ordination and movement of the ciliaries, but also in the mucus rhinonogy characters, in which the threads and the viscoelasticity are altered and reduced in the cases of recurring bronchial-pulmonary infections.

Thus, the justification of the use of Haarlem Oil is as follows:

  • The knowledge about its mucus-modifying properties and pulmonary antiseptics was known since a very long time.
  • The absence of toxicity.

Recent experiments done on animals have authorization and given human beings a bioavailability and an identical action, with an important tissue fixation of sulfur on the level of bronchial-pulmonary.

Our studies have been based on simple observations of clinical signs and on evolution. It is difficult, according to the opinion of , to have a large scale of controlled tests appreciating panacea and the effectiveness of mucus-modification, for the reason of diverse etiologies competing with chronic bronchial-pulmonary pathologies and the fact of complex complementary explorations. For these reasons, we have chosen the clinical appreciations and evolution, compared to other products, currently proposed in the treatment of these symptoms.

In 68% of the cases in our series, we observed since the first treatment of Haarlem Oil, the clarification and the disappearance of bronchial hyper-secretion, in less than one week. This confirms the positive rheological action of the antiseptic action of genuine Haarlem Oil. These actions continued with remnants after several weeks, in the majority of the cases. In 70% of children, for which the renewing of the treatment of Haarlem Oil was proposed monthly, effectiveness followed favorably, bringing a total recovery of chronic bronchial-pulmonary, in less than four months. We can measure the savings also realized by the multiple treatments previously used (particularly the repeated antibiotic treatments). In the other cases, 60% of which the monthly cures continue systematically or by request, the antiseptic action and clarification of tracheal-bronchitis secretion were shown. Haarlem Oil obtained the disappearance of all congestion symptoms during the long periods and has also significantly reduced the episodes of secondary infection, uniquely observed in children, in which the attack of chronic bronchial-pulmonary was considered as definitive.

The liberation of leukotrienes by the macrophages was favored by their bronchial-constructural action, the retention in the air passage. The role of toxic metabolizes of oxygen arising from the respiratory after-effects is more important than the antioxidant system of newborns, who are immature.

Therefore, the study of C. Jacquot appears that it is essential. It has demonstrated, in animals, the antioxidant activity of Haarlem Oil. The activity of the Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) enzyme, principal antioxidant enzyme of the organism, is significantly higher in the cases cure by Haarlem Oil, than in the witness groups. This increases report an elevation of thiols groups in the plasma.


Used in 25 children that were infected with chronic bronchial-pulmonary of diverse etiologies, Haarlem Oil has shown a good effect in 68% of the cases, since the first treatment, and in 70% of the cases, where the treatment was renewed monthly, the reduction and disappearance of clinical symptoms of bronchial hypersecretion. This action was clearly superior to the mucus-modifying medication, comparably prescribed habitually.

It is desirable that the studies continue particularly at the pharmacological level, next to the antiseptic actions and classic mucus-modifications known of genuine Haarlem Oil. The antioxidant activity brought into evidence, the elevation of the activity of the Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), essential appearance in the prevention of pulmonary bronchial-dysplasia.